Live In A Small Apartment Or Home? Rent A Storage Unit To Keep Emergency Supplies

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Live In A Small Apartment Or Home? Rent A Storage Unit To Keep Emergency Supplies

29 April 2016
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Not every person lives in a large apartment or home for several reasons such as personal preference, budget restraints, location, or even residence availability. For the most part, living in a smaller place leads to less overall expenses, but it does have one disadvantage in not providing much room for storage. It is either necessary to keep your number of possessions to a minimum or find storage for them. If you are okay with staying minimal, but want to at least have emergency supplies, you should rent a storage unit.

Non-Perishable Food

To stock up well for a potential emergency, you will want to have a fair share of non-perishable foods. If you want to go the extra distance, you can actually get MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) in large quantities. These meals can last up to 60 months when you keep them at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Maintaining a consistent temperature is essential for maximizing the lifespan, so you should only consider this as an option when you are determined to rent a climate-controlled storage unit.

An easier alternative is to just get canned foods with long shelf lives. These items include chili, beans, vegetables, soups, and fruits. The best thing to do is take a look at the labels and prioritize the ones with the longest shelf life, which will help you stay stocked up for the longest time possible.

Filtered Water

Water is essential to have in an emergency. Whether you get 24 packs of bottled water or gallon jugs is up to you, but this is something that you cannot pass up when getting emergency supplies. Water is used for drinking, cooking, and hygiene in emergency situations, so you need to stock up quite heavily.


In the middle of winter, you may not have access to what you need to stay warm in your home. Carrying enough blankets for the family is helpful for keeping everyone comfortable. Ideally, you should stock up on blankets that are designed to handle temperatures below freezing. Your best options for these are with military-grade blankets or emergency space blankets that you can find in survival kits.

Crank Supplies

Since it is unknown whether you will have access to electricity in an emergency, you should stock up on several crank supplies such as a flashlight, radio, and phone charger. This will give you access to a few essentials that you would normally rely on using through an electrical power source.

Getting a storage unit at a place like Guardian Self Storage for emergency supplies can make you feel better living in a small place.