Your Guide To Climate-Controlled Storage Units For Your Belongings To Be Kept In

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Your Guide To Climate-Controlled Storage Units For Your Belongings To Be Kept In

23 November 2022
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Climate-controlled storage units, also commonly called temperature-controlled units, are storage units that have been equipped with an HVAC system. This system cools the unit, heats the unit, and keeps the humidity level in the unit at a low level. The system runs any time of the year when it is needed to adjust the environment inside the unit to continue offering the things kept inside it in a protective atmosphere. Most facilities offer at least some units with temperature control. Even if you are located in an area with a very mild year-round climate, this type of unit may be a good idea. You'll learn more about such units below, so you gain more perspective on why they should be chosen over a unit that doesn't offer climate control. 

These units are kept tightly sealed

Storage facilities strive to offer you the safest space possible for your things. However, the weather seals can get old and start failing, and other wear to the doors can occur over time. This can cause gaps where dust, moisture, and pests can get inside the unit as time goes on. However, when storage units with climate-controlled systems start to have gaps, it can cost the facility a lot of money as their system works harder while trying to maintain the requested temperature. 

These units are kept in prime condition with the seals, doors, and other areas being kept in the best shape possible. This gives you a unit that's tightly sealed in a way that keeps your things dry, clean, and free of things like mold and pests.

Climate-controlled storage offers more advantages than one might realize

Storage units in general are great options when you need somewhere for your items. They keep them indoors, so they'll be safe from weather, animals, and criminals. With climate control, they will also be kept in the same type of environment they would be in if you kept them in your own home. This offers you peace of mind and to many people, this alone is worth choosing a climate-controlled unit over one without that feature.  

The units connected to the climate-control system are usually indoor units. While the facilities offer security for all the units, there's often just a tad more security for those indoor units because they usually have cameras offering closer ranges, which means clearer images. Plus, the indoor units are generally closer to the office, so they are easier for the staff to keep an eye on as well. 

Also, many people prefer indoor units because they also offer cooled or heated hallways, which makes it more comfortable to move your things in and out of your unit. When dealing with extreme temperatures, these units can even be safer for your health. Extremely high temperatures can lead to heat stroke, and freezing temperatures can lead to issues like frostbite. If you're in a unit in these types of conditions, your health can be put at risk for the reasons mentioned. However, climate control keeps your unit at a temperature that's healthier to be in.