Maximizing Your Use Of Self-Storage Space

Are you in the midst of planning a move? Learn more about how to downsize or store your things in a storage unit.

Maximizing Your Use Of Self-Storage Space

21 July 2023
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Whether you're trying to de-clutter, preparing for a move, or just want to feel more organized, you might consider investing in a self-storage facility. Making the most of that investment typically requires careful planning and consideration, so take some time to think about what you need to pack, how much space you'll have to have, and the best ways to organize the items in question. Here are some of the most important elements to think about to make the most of your new storage space.

What Materials Do You Need?

When you start packing things for storage, make sure that you pack them well to protect them from damage. Gather a variety of packing materials, including durable, sturdy boxes and totes, divided storage containers, bubble wrap, and packing paper. The more materials you buy before you start packing, the less you'll be likely to cut corners and risk damage along the way. Not only that, but it's easier to organize a storage unit when things are organized and packed properly.

How Can You Protect Your Fragile Belongings?

Anything breakable needs careful attention. Collectibles, dishware, and other breakable items should always be wrapped individually first and then packed in a box with plenty of padding between the items. Don't over-pack anything breakable either because pressure can cause things to crack. 

Do You Know How to Pack Effectively?

Packing is both an art and a science. You need to consider each box as you pack, layering items for the most efficient use of space while ensuring that everything is properly supported to reduce the risk of shifting or breaking. Fill gaps with packing material when necessary, place the heaviest items on the bottom, and choose the proper box sizes to avoid overly heavy boxes that are difficult to move and handle.

Have You Considered Maximizing Your Storage Space?

Organization in the storage unit is just as important as the organization of your packed boxes. Remember to prioritize the placement of things you'll need to access frequently so they are positioned near the front of the unit. Things that will be stored for a prolonged period can go near the back. Use shelving to maximize your vertical space and allow for walkways and maneuverability in the space.

Can You Disassemble Your Furniture?

Any furniture that you plan to store should be broken down as much as possible before you store it. Remove the legs from your table, take your bed frames apart, and wrap each component carefully to protect them from damage. Blankets, sheets, or drop cloths can help reduce the risk of scratching and other issues.

Careful preparation maximizes your storage investment. For more self-storage tips, reach out to a local facility.