All You Need To Know About Climate-Controlled Storage Units

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All You Need To Know About Climate-Controlled Storage Units

29 April 2016
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If you are storing some important and fragile items in your home that you are not yet ready to part with or plan to pass down to family, self-storage may be a good option for you. Before you choose a self-storage facility, you need to think about what you plan to store and whether or not they could adequately accommodate your property.   

Why Climate Control?

Climate-controlled storage units are the best option for anything that can be damaged by hot temperatures or humidity. They are also great for storing your items if you live in a frigid climate. Keep in mind that climate-controlled storage may be a bit more expensive than other storage units, but can be very beneficial to your property. 

What Should Be Stored In Climate-Controlled Facilities?

Anything can be placed into climate-controlled storage units, but there are specific items that can be completely ruined if they are not protected. Some examples of fragile items include anything wooden that can warp with moisture, anything that is sentimental in value or difficult to replace, and things that will need to be stored indefinitely. If you have documents that need to be stored, they must be stored in a climate-controlled facility, especially if the documents are difficult to replace.  

What Questions Should Be Asked Before Signing A Lease?

Before you sign a lease, there are some things you need to ask the manager of the facility. Find out what the exact temperature the units are maintained at. Also, make sure that the unit is protected from any outdoor elements. Most climate-controlled units are held inside a larger building, but some may not be. Ask the manager about the measures they take to ensure your property will be safe. In addition, you should ask about rodent and pest control. Find out if the units and the areas around the units are treated regularly for these pests so they do not infiltrate your items.

Storing your property properly in a climate-controlled storage unit is one of the best ways to preserve the most important things to you. The harsh temperatures and dampness do not only affect storing these things in your attic or basement, but they are also at risk if your home becomes damaged by fire or another disaster. If you have an abundance of things you would like to get out of your daily spaced, climate-controlled storage (click here for more info) may just be the answer.