Chart Your Items before Storing Them

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Chart Your Items before Storing Them

29 April 2016
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Putting your household things into a self-storage unit can be made a lot easier by following some packing tips that will allow you to access a specific item at any time while everything is in the unit. Here is how to use a charting system to strategically pack your things.

Pack one room at a time

Start in the least-used room in your home and work your way up to the most-used room from that point. This will prevent your house from becoming a confusing mess and make it easier for you to strategically pack using the chart system, which is described next.

Prepare your chart supplies

In order to follow the chart system, you will need paper, a pen, a black permanent marker, boxes, and/or bubble wrap. Make sure you have a sorting table so you don't have to continuously bend over, which can be hard on your back. Assemble a few boxes at a time so you don't have to stop to put another one together each time you finish packing one.

Create your chart

Write the room name on the top of the chart and give it a corresponding letter, such as Master Bedroom—A. Write down a different number for each box, starting with 1. Under this, you are going to write down every item you put into the box. After you are finished packing the box, take the black permanent marker and mark all four sides of the box with the same letter from the chart that signifies which room it came from and the number letting you know which items are inside of it.

Pack the storage unit

You also want to keep the chart system in mind when you are moving all of your items into the storage unit. The first thing you want to do is move all your large items, like furniture, to the very back of the unit. Then, start with your "A" boxes and line them up against the left wall. When you run out of "A" boxes, move on to your "B" boxes, then the "C" boxes, and so on. Leave an aisle in the middle of the boxes so you can navigate.

Find an Item in Storage

When you need to find an item, locate it on the chart, look for the letter and number of the box, and go to the correct part of the storage unit where you will easily find the box.

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