4 Different Ways To Store Your Boat

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4 Different Ways To Store Your Boat

23 February 2018
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If you have a boat that you don't plan on using for a while, you need to store your boat somewhere safe until you are ready to use it again. The four most common boat storage solutions are outdoor storage, boat storage units, dry stack storage, and indoor storage. Each of these four storage options offer different benefits and drawbacks.

Outdoor Storage

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor storage, if it occurs on your own property, is that it is free. If you choose to store your boat outside, you have to purchase and use a cover if you want to protect your boat. Still, your boat is sitting outside, which means that it your boat is going to be exposed to the temperature and the elements, which can lead to additional wear and tear. If you have a small driveway or yard, your boat could hog up space and be an eyesore as well.

Boat Storage Units

Many storage facilities offer boat storage units that you can use to keep your boat inside. Boat storage units are generally pretty inexpensive. A boat storage unit will ensure that your boat is protected from the elements.

You will have to transport your boat to and from the dock or the river when you want to use it, but you will always have a safe space to not only store but park your boat, so you don't have to keep your boat at your home.

Many boat storage units are designed for smaller boats; if you have a large or oversized boat, it may be a little more difficult to find a facility with larger storage units you can use for your boat.

Dry Stack Storage

Many marinas offer dry stack storage. Dry stack storage can be either inside or outside; the best dry stack storage options are inside storage options where your boat is protected from the elements. A big advantage of dry stack storage units is generally their close proximity to the water. Dry stack storage units are generally made for smaller boats.

Indoor Storage

Another options are indoor boat storage facilities. These facilities do not just store your boat, they also take care of your boat for you. They take care of maintenance needs for your boat, and often times also provide free transportation to and from the nearby dock or body of water.

What boat storage options are available near you may vary; however, in most areas you can rent a storage unit from a storage facility to store your boat, or you can store your boat outside. Indoor storage, where your boat is protected from the elements, is always better than outside storage where your boat is more exposed to the weather and will experience more wear and tear.