Turning A Property Into A Rental Home? Why You Need A Self Storage Unit

Are you in the midst of planning a move? Learn more about how to downsize or store your things in a storage unit.

Turning A Property Into A Rental Home? Why You Need A Self Storage Unit

12 September 2019
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If you're ready to become a landlord, it's essential to properly prepare your home for its first tenant. Renting a self-storage unit can assist you with the logistics associated with turning your property into a rental. Here are just a few ways a storage unit can help you become a successful landlord.

You'll Have a Safe Place to Stow Items of Monetary or Sentimental Value

Before you welcome your first tenant, it's important to remove any items of monetary or sentimental value from the property. Even the most careful or conscientious tenants can have an accident; you don't want an item that's irreplaceable to you to be damaged or even destroyed.

Maybe you have an antique hope chest that's a family heirloom, or perhaps the property currently houses your collection of sports memorabilia. A storage unit gives you a safe spot to house and organize the items without adding more possessions to your primary residence. 

You Can Adjust the Home's Furnishings to Your Tenant's Needs

With a self-storage unit, you'll have a place to store your furnishings and home items so that you can better meet the needs of your tenants or renters. Depending on the rental market in your city, rentals may typically come furnished. However, you may encounter a tenant who wishes to use their own furniture and decor. If so, you can store some of your furnishings in your storage unit for future use.

If you plan to utilize your property as a short-term or vacation rental, you'll likely need to have furniture and common home items to ensure the comfort of your renters. However, you can still benefit from a storage locker.

Use the storage unit to stow out-of-season items like bedding, outdoor items, and holiday decorations when they aren't in use This will help maximize the amount of functional storage space in your rental, making it easy for your renters to find spots for all their personal belongings. 

A Storage Unit Makes It Easy to Grow Your Rental Empire

Perhaps you have aspirations of owning a slew of properties to generate income or serve as investments. A storage unit gives you the space you need to successfully grow your rental empire.

You'll have a safe, secure place to house your rental furnishings when a property is being renovated. Or, if you decide to upgrade the furniture in one rental home, you can stow the property's existing pieces until you're ready to add another property to your rental portfolio.