How To Secure Your Self Storage Unit

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How To Secure Your Self Storage Unit

29 October 2021
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Most self-storage facilities have security features, including camera surveillance, alarm systems, lighting, and patrol guards. However, it is natural to worry about the security and safety of your property. Thus, you can take extra measures to protect your stored belongings. So, what steps can you take to keep your self-storage unit safe and secure? 

Invest in a Good Lock

The self-storage unit lock acts as the first line of defense for your property. Typically, criminals prefer a lock that is easy to tamper with to reduce the chances of being caught while breaking into a self-storage unit. As such, go for lock that is resistant to bolt cutters. Preferably, purchase a disc or cylinder lock rather than one with a long shackle. Also, it is better to buy a keyed lock instead of a combination lock. Usually, thieves can reset or crack your code. Thus, use your money and time to purchase a quality lock. Notably, avoid sharing your key or lock code since acquaintances are usually the culprits. 

Get Insurance 

In some self-storage facilities, proof of insurance is a pre-condition for the lease agreement. However, consider getting property insurance whether or not it is a requirement. Losing your property to theft or a calamity is a painful experience. So, why not transfer the risk to an insurer? Usually, homeowners insurance has additional coverage for off-site storage. Thus, consult your insurance company to include the property stored in a self-storage unit. Notably, you may get incredible insurance discounts due to the security features available at the facility. 

Keep an Inventory of Items 

An inventory helps to secure your property in several ways. For starters, it is possible to keep track of your items when you have a list. As such, you can regularly visit your self-storage unit and cross-check whether all your assets are still available. This way, you can easily detect theft. The inventory is also necessary when reporting a burglary incidence. Usually, the police will request the stolen items' details, pictures, and value. Besides, the insurance company relies on the inventory during claims processing. Thus, keeping an inventory of all the items in the self-storage unit seems like extra work, but it is necessary.

Ultimately, the highlighted tips will help you keep your property safe and secure. However, the first protective measure is leasing a self-storage unit in a facility with security features such as CCTV, restricted access systems, and alarms. Besides, work with reputable companies that take liability for lost and damaged items. Visit a facility like North Star Mini Storage in your area.